Advanced Privacy Cleaner

Advanced Privacy Cleaner 1.1

This program lets you delete files, Internet history, cookies and more (See all)

There is a way to feel safe when you are visiting websites, reading articles or making use of important data. With Advanced Privacy Cleaner you will be able erase your tracks so that no one can view the websites you visited, the articles you read or the information you wanted to maintain private. There are a lot of users that have to share their computer with family or people at their jobs. Sometimes you just don't visit a website because you're afraid someone could see it. Maybe you're at your job and you don't want your boss to figure out that you were navigating the sites you shouldn't be navigating or you just want to keep it for yourself. With this program, you will no longer have to worry about anything. Advanced Privacy Cleaner will enable you to erase Internet history, Internet cookies, auto-complete data, auto-complete passwords and more. But that is not all this program allows you to do. The program takes care about your files too. You will be able to delete Microsoft Word recent files list, images viewed by you, Windows Media Player recent files list, WinZIP recent files list and so on.

The program has got an intuitive graphical interface that will make things easy for you. With this program, you will feel safe to navigate or use your computer the way you want. There are plenty of programs like this one, but this one is absolutely free and it's better than many others.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It comes with a lot of advanced options for programs, files and Internet history
  • It's free


  • It doesn't have any disadvantages at all
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